Medical Team

  • Dr. Jeffrey K. Anhalt
    Dr. Jeffrey K. Anhalt

    Specializes in foot and ankle conditions including fractures, traumatic sports injuries, cartilage injuries, tendonitis, arthritis, Achilles tendon tears and ruptures.

  • Dr. Dirk A. Bakker
    Dr. Dirk A. Bakker

    Specializes in the treatment of the hand, shoulder, hip, knee, and foot.

  • Dr. Rick A. Baszler
    Dr. Rick A. Baszler

    Specializes in anterior hip replacements and partial and total knee replacements.

  • Dr. Phillip J. Dabrowski
    Dr. Phillip J. Dabrowski

    Specializes in a wide range of orthopedic conditions, including sports injuries.

  • Dr. J. Christopher Eyke
    Dr. J. Christopher Eyke

    Specializes in the treatment of neck and back conditions associated with nerve pain, herniated disks, stenosis, spine trauma or tumors.

  • Dr. Daniel J. Fett
    Dr. Daniel J. Fett

    Specializes in the orthopaedic treatment of the shoulder, hip, knee, as well as the extremities.

  • Dr. Yousif I. Hamati
    Dr. Yousif I. Hamati

    Specializes in the surgical and non-surgical repair of hips, knees, shoulders and the spine, as well as the replacement of hips and knees.

  • Dr. Reginald W. Kapteyn
    Dr. Reginald W. Kapteyn

    Specializes in pain management with an emphasis on improving function and independence using minimally-invasive treatment options.

  • Dr. Brandon W. King
    Dr. Brandon W. King

    Specializes in foot and ankle conditions due to arthritis, trauma or acquired deformities.

  • Dr. Katie McCausland
    Dr. Katie McCausland

    Specializes in the non-operative treatment of bone, muscle and nerve issues, particularly in the back and neck.

  • Dr. Mark J.R. Moulton
    Dr. Mark J.R. Moulton

    Specializes in disorders of the neck and spine due to degeneration, trauma, infection, tumors, instability, or failed prior surgeries.

  • Dr. Martin M. Pallante
    Dr. Martin M. Pallante

    Specializes in sports medicine and the treatment of hips, knees and shoulders.

  • Dr. Aaron D. Potts
    Dr. Aaron D. Potts

    Specializes in sports injuries, including hip arthroscopy, minimally-invasive shoulder surgery, and arthroscopic repair of knee injuries.

  • Dr. Jeffrey D. Recknagel
    Dr. Jeffrey D. Recknagel

    Specializes in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of shoulders and knees.

  • Dr. James R. Ringler
    Dr. James R. Ringler

    Specializes in orthopaedic trauma and reconstruction; adult and pediatric fracture care; pelvis and acetabular surgery.

  • Dr. Edward J. W. Shields
    Dr. Edward J. W. Shields

    Surgical and non-surgical treatment of shoulders, elbows, and hand, in addition to occupational, sports, and arthritic conditions.

  • Dr. Tyler T. Voss
    Dr. Tyler T. Voss

    Specializes in the non-invasive treatment of sports or activity-related conditions.

  • Matt Dundon, P.A.C.
    Matt Dundon, P.A.C.

    Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine, Central Michigan University, 1999. Master’s degree in the Physician Studies program, Grand Valley State University.

  • Geri Edmonds, P.A.C.
    Geri Edmonds, P.A.C.

    Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, Wayne State University, 2005. Physician Assistant Studies program, Seton Hall University, 2009.

  • Anna Glore, P.A.C.
    Anna Glore, P.A.C.

    Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, University of Detroit Mercy, 2012. Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies, University of Detroit Mercy, 2015.

  • Lindsey Hitchings, P.A.C.
    Lindsey Hitchings, P.A.C.

    Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences, Grand Valley State University, 2013. Masters of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies, Midwestern University, 2015.

  • Dean P. Kendziera, P.A.C.
    Dean P. Kendziera, P.A.C.

    Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine, Concordia University, 1998. Master's degree in Physician's Assistant Studies, George Washington University, 2000.

  • Brent Solberg, P.A.C.
    Brent Solberg, P.A.C.

    Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science, Hope College, 2009. Masters of Science in Medicine, Physician Assistant Program, Western Michigan University, 2013.

  • Joshua Thurman, P.A.C.
    Joshua Thurman, P.A.C.

    Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training, Grand Valley State University, 2008. Physician Assistant Program, Masters of Health Science Drexel University, 2012.

  • Chad Weigle, P.A.C.
    Chad Weigle, P.A.C.

    Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Hope College, 1994. Physician's Assistant Program, Anne Arundel Community College, 2002.