Physical Medicine & Rehab

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Drs. McCausland and Kapteyn specialize in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and focus their attention on the origin of the pain associated with injuries and disease within the musculoskeletal and neurological systems. Treatment plans are developed in order to help the patient reach their maximum functional potential.

Services included in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation include evaluation of back and neck pain or pain associated with musculoskeletal injuries and or nerve issues. Injections, Botox treatments, home therapy suggestions, and physical therapy may be included in a treatment plan. There are certainly times when surgical intervention may ultimately be needed. However, there are multiple non-surgical interventions available.

Orthopaedic Associates of Muskegon hosts a warm, friendly environment in a state-of-the-art facility with digital X-ray and ultrasound used for both diagnosis and injection guidance. Physical therapy is available in the building through Mercy Health Muskegon and at other providers throughout the area.